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The last 14 months have seen many people reflect on their living situation and their changing needs moving forward. If your own circumstances have changed, ie your children have grown up and moved out or you have recently retired, you may be thinking now about downsizing.

Here are a few reasons you may wish to downsize your home:

1. Family circumstances

Have your children have grown up, moved out and settled elsewhere? The pandemic has shown that families are choosing to closer to family members, especially if you have grandchildren. It is becoming more common now more than ever for families to move around the country, or even the world, and so if it is too far for them to visit you regularly, you may consider relocating yourself.

2. Maintenance

It is a continuous job maintaining a large property and can become tiresome and expensive job particularly if your circumstances have altered and if you now live alone. Some of the everyday maintenance you once dealt with yourself you now have to get in paid help to carry out. Ask yourself a few simple questions, are you heating rooms you no longer use? Do repairs need doing, decorating or rooms updating? Maybe a smaller, recently refurbished home or possibly a new home may be the answer as it will be more affordable and efficient to heat and run and will require little or no maintenance for some time.

3. The garden

How big is your garden? Has is become unmanageable? Perhaps it is taking up more of your spare time, it is becoming too much work? Perhaps you are now unable to care for your garden as you used to. Having to get in a gardening service can result in more outgoings. Maybe moving to a home with a smaller garden or outdoor space will be easier to maintain and look after yourself.

4. Practicality

We are all getting older, something we cannot stop or slow down. As we get older, there are some aspects of a home can become more challenging. We often get customers that live is modern three storey town houses than then after a few years feel that two flights of stairs is taking its toll, especially when carrying a hoover. We advise when you move home even if you are a sprightly mid seventy something to picture yourself 10 years from now and would you still be able to manage those stairs as easy today, you do not want to have to move in your eighties so get that last move right. You may consider moving to a bungalow or ground floor property with a ground floor bedroom and bathroom to ease those daily challenges with stairs within a space that is easy to move around and take care of.

5. Take time for yourself

If you have retired, not only may you be considering downsizing to a more easy to maintain property, you may also be looking to cash in on your equity from your larger property to allow you to carry out some of your ambitions such as travelling, hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or simply to reduce your outgoings, selling your larger Poole property and looking for your smaller dream home to satisfy the next chapter of your life may be the answer.

6. Invest in a second home

If you are lucky enough to be considering investing in an additional property, you may be looking to downsize your large home to buy two smaller properties allowing you to own a smaller home with an investment income from another property? You maybe looking to downsize and maybe split your time between the UK and buy a home by the sea in the sun? Whatever your reason, you may want to consider downsizing from the large home you currently live in to reduce overall costs and to accommodate for your new investment?

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