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Six Top Tips For Poole Landlords Whose Tenants Are Going Away On Holiday.

ARLA Propertymark has issued six top tips to landlords whose properties may be left empty by tenants on holiday. ARLA president Maxine Fothergill says: “It is fantastic to see travel restrictions finally opening up, but it is crucial not to let anything slip when it comes to protecting your empty Poole property if your tenants are away. “Holiday periods are prime time for a surge in burglary and house fire risk, so it is important to cover all bases while your tenants are having a well-deserved break.” Here are the association’s six tips.

1. Communication is key - Self managing landlords should encourage tenants to let them know if they are planning on going away for an extended period of time. While the frequent changes to travel rules due to the pandemic has meant people have been home for longer, some people may now take the opportunity to use their banked holiday and take longer trips. Knowing that any properties on your books may be empty for an extended period of time will at least mean you can anticipate any issues that may arise or plan, with the tenant, should anything need doing in advance.

2. Keep it locked - Burglars prefer quick wins, especially if they suspect a property is empty. Professional security locks and bolts are easy to access, especially when using a trusted installation company that can give you plenty of advice. An increasing number of households now use alarm systems that can be accessed and managed anywhere through your phone, so do your research and speak with your tenants to find the best security option to ensure the home is safe while they are away.

3. Alarm - Sometimes it’s the simplest steps that make the biggest difference, and something as simple as a broken alarm can be detrimental when a property is left empty. If the property is fitted with a burglar alarm, make sure that it’s in good working order and the tenant knows the correct protocol and that there’s a way for someone to contact the landlord should it go off in the tenants absence.

4. Insurance - Having the correct insurance cover is vital all year-round and is particularly crucial when the property is vulnerable throughout the summer holiday or Christmas period. Check that you as the landlord are familiar with the policy (including the small print!) to make sure you are fully covered for any potential issues as some insurance policies stipulate certain conditions that have to be met if a property is left empty for a long period of time.

5. Social Media - A sensitive issue but do make sure tenants aware that if they have open social media profiles, they may wish to be careful posting about going away on holiday before they go so as not to make themselves an obvious target for burglars. Ideally, tenants only want those they trust most to know that their property will be vacant.

6. Neighbourhood watch - If you don't live near the investment property yourself, good neighbours can be a valuable asset e.g. give the neighbour your emergency contact number and asking the tenants to get a neighbour to put the bin out on the appropriate day so waste doesn't build up or generally keep an eye on the property while the tenant is away is a great source of protection.

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