Updated: Jun 23, 2021

While moving might be on the horizon for you within the next few months, that doesn't mean you have to live in a sea of cardboard boxes. Here at Lewis Dean Estate & Letting Agents, we're experts in home staging and with a few key pieces, you can still feel at home while you're looking for your forever home!

Decorate with Pampas Grass

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Now that Christmas is well and truly over for another year and you have packed everything away, the house will already feel cleaner and more minimal. Use this to your advantage and add on key accent pieces like an oversize vase and key trend pampas grass, which is perfect for complementing neutral colours and adds both warmth and texture to your space.

Keep it eco-friendly in Poole

We are all thinking about being more sustainable in 2021 and one of the wonderful things about more eco-friendly items is that they have natural colours which complement a neutral room. So think unbleached woods, wicker accents and macramé wall hangings with some in-house plants for a truly instagramable home that viewers will find delightful both physically and digitally as we market your property online!

Brave Ground

Dulux has created a paint that helps to calm and comfort us after a year of being in a global pandemic. Their new paint colour ‘brave ground' has been announced as the colour of the year in 2021 and helps to create resilience which we think is create for a home that might be undergoing some changes this year with moving.

Use this to paint a statement wall or add a mix of calming tonal hues to your bedroom area to build a sanctuary away from paperwork and viewings.

Creating A Softer Landing

Investing in some rugs now is a fantastic way to help keep you warm on chilly mornings but also save the carpets and flooring from any accidental spillages or dirt while viewings are taking place.

For more ideas on how to make your property a space that transitions easily from viewing to home-life get in touch with our friendly team at Lewis Dean Estate & Letting Agents on 01202 621900 or email us at

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